In the Philippines, you can tell how good a barber is not only for his haircutting skills, but also the way he tells stories. So when BBDO Guerrero needed new talent, they weren't looking for your typical, run of the mill, cookie cutter creative. What they were really looking for were great storytellers.
And thus BBDO Barbero opened shop. We fashioned hairstyles inspired by distinct traits of advertising creatives, each bearing quirky names such as the 'Gupit Moses', 'Short Crop-y', and 'Boombilya'. To launch the campaign, we released a series of posts on independent Advertising creative groups on Facebook. To add more appeal, each post was designed like the stylized posters commonly found in local barbershops.
Once in, we asked budding creatives to channel their inner storytellers and craft origin stories for any one of the 14 hairstyles. Additionally, we asked them to submit 3 of their best creative work to give us a glimpse of their Advertising style.
Case Board:
Social Media Posts:
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Client: BBDO Guerrero
Agency:  BBDO Guerrero
CCO: David Guerrero
Creative Director: Ali Silao
Art Directors: Gab Bernal, Jax Guillen, Sean Sonsona, Elaine de la Cruz
Copywriters: Gio Gamban, Niño Gonzalez, Dino Robles
Illustrators: Sean Sonsona, Elaine de la Cruz
Digital Experience Manager: Oleg de Leon
Developers: Marcus Ramos, Ernest Pascual 
Final Art: Jax Guillen, Gab Bernal
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