The Philippines has the world's longest and strictest lockdown. Cases continue to rise, so we are all stuck at home. If it's tough for adults, what about children? That's why Facebook and Child Rights Network created The GIF Learning Library -- a resource for parents to educate their children about staying safe at home and online during the pandemic. It is a series of GiF-animated stories housed on Instagram stories, in partnership with Facebook and the Child’s Rights Network.
Using only tools available on Instagram, we crafted each page of the book by layering GiF stickers to create a fully-animated scene and bring each story to life. We manually layered each sticker on pre-illustrated backgrounds to create each scene, and posted every page as an Instagram story, creating fully-animated and shareable storybooks that are available in both English and Filipino. 
Creating the pages were time-consuming, as each small revision meant rebuilding each page from scratch. It was also a great way to exercise one's memory, since each search word generates a different set of GIF sticker results (E.g. "tap", "tapping", "taps", and "tap tap" all give different sets of results. It can be very confusing.). The only reason why I was able to finish it on time was it was so much fun to do.
Since we used existing GIFS, we made storybooks for the world, illustrated and animated by the talented GIF artists all over the world. And because there was no need for production houses, we did it safe at home. 
Facebook GiF Learning Library Case Video:
"Pwede ba I-Click Ito?" GiF storybook:
"Brenda Bunny" GiF storybook:
Client: Facebook / Child Rights Network
Agency:  BBDO Guerrero
CCO: David Guerrero
ECD: Federico Fanti
Creative Director: Rachel Yulo
Associate Creative Director: Zap Zapanta
Art Directors: Ali Silao, Zap Zapanta
Copywriter: Rachel Yulo
Account Director: Liezl Villamor
Head of Digital: Roshan Nandwani


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