Victor Silayan is the new Pinoy Old Spice guy.
We needed to relaunch Old Spice in the Philippines. Keeping the brand's absurd advertising tradition alive, we came up with our very own Filipino Old Spice guy as the ultimate action hero who never dies, thanks to the long-lasting smell of Old Spice.
Watch how he scores a like from great whites, gets tight with two huge anacondas, penetrates the hardest ninjas, and still has the energy to survive Earth's destruction. And for the grand finale, see how he rides a huge Old Spice stick as it goes into two astronomical holes. But words won't really give it justice, best if you just hit the play button. And while you're at it, check out the comments section--some of them are even funnier than the ad.​​​​​​​
Watch The Smell That Never Dies by Old Spice:
Client: P&G / Old Spice
​​​​​​​Agency:  Fuse
Creative Directors: Ali Silao, Jameilee Que, Emman Carandang, Rachel Yulo
Art Directors: Ali Silao, Emman Carandang
Copywriters: Jameilee Que, Rachel Yulo
Account Management: Paps Orosa
Producer: Ino Magno
Executive Producer: Jing Lopez
Director: Joel Limchoc
DOP: Dix Buhay
Production Designer: Adelina Leung
Line Producer: Lei Villena
Production House: Pabrika
Post Production House: Riot
Editor: Ben Felix
Line Producer: Kuckoy Dela Cruz
Audio Production House: Hit Productions
Sound Designer: Tara Lim
Arranger/Composer: Al Wolotovich/SYN
Original music: SYN Music


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